If Nightwing performs CPR on you but fails, you could die with Dick in your mouth…
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Wise words from a wise man.


Wise words from a wise man.



have you ever watched an episode of something that was so horrible you just sat there afterward like did a group of people really read this script and say ‘wow great idea’

"I will become a new Avatar! A Dark Avatar!"

General Eiling in Patriot Act from Justice League Unlimited.

"I’m going to become a supervillain and change my entire life without second thought as to how this will affect me outside of this.  Why? Because if I kill Superman it will solve my problems. Not to mention the worlds." As if Superman ALONE is the league’s most powerful soldier/army.  Or that he wouldn’t be a marked man by MANY people IF he somehow killed Superman.

The same guy who rationalized “three birds with one stone” in Doomsday Sanction, couldn’t think things through?



Sometimes I feel like nothing is good enough for tumblr. Disney portrays a strong female character. It’s not good enough because she’s white. Google does something for Elimination of Violence Against Women day. It’s not good enough because it’s not smacked in your face. You have to cherish the little victories, folks. The cup isn’t always half empty.






The Most Dangerous Gamer

I’ve been waiting for this joke for ages




Ultimate Spider-Man creators, Man of Action, diss Spectacular Spider-Man. Outright diss it.

Meanwhile, that same day, over at the Spectacular Spider-Man panel, Greg Weisman said the following:

 "I haven’t seen it on purpose. For me, there’s no good news. If it’s great, I’ll just be jealous. If it’s awful, it’ll drive me crazy. It’s got some great people on it, so I wish them well, but I prefer we were still doing it."

Not only is he a much better writer, he’s also a much better human being.

That’s something that I’ve always admired about Greg Weisman outside his work. He’ll admit to some of his insecurities while at the same time being professional about them in public.



Ultimate Spider-Man creators, Man of Action, diss Spectacular Spider-Man. Outright diss it.

Oh, hey. Go fuck yourselves.

I didn’t really give a shit about Ultimate Spider-Man besides the fact that I never enjoyed it like the Spectacular iteration (or any iteration before it) and didn’t really bother watching. But I can respect any show that does something new, and I was excited to see Miles Morales coming on.

But now…what the actual fuck. That’s unprofessional, and nothing good can come out of comments like that beyond pissing people off.

Look, you’re already in a state of power. You arrived riding the crest of an explosion in popularity of Marvel properties, not the crest of a then-struggling studio and a film franchise in flux. You got bigger episode orders from the getgo. You got on a network that reran it over and over from the getgo. You got better advertising from the getgo. Spectacular Spider-Man had none of that, and despite the uphill battle, was, for all intents and purposes, financially successful and received universal acclaim. It didn’t fail, it got squashed by shifting networks, a shitty legal acquisition, and horrible timing, and if it weren’t for its own shitty “Parker Luck”—not ratings or merchandising or whatever, but sheer luck—you wouldn’t even be on the air. Which you are, by the way, when Spectacular Spider-Man was unceremoniously axed after a network switch, a year-delayed second season, and a finale that was somehow aired without the fucking dialogue audio attached and then wasn’t reran again for a long time. 

That’s the definition of kicking someone while they’re down.

Consider myself unimpressed with the verbal beatdown they layed on that strawman in the video above.

All this sounds like is MOA prompting sour grapes, because DESPITE the fact that Ultimate Spider-Man has lasted longer, ALOT OF PEOPLE see it as inferior to Spectacular Spider-Man on EVERY LEVEL.  Regardless of whatever format Ultimate Spider-Man has that separates it from the show it replaced.


I just can’t get enough of this man!


Tucker’s Law.

I’m pretty sure Bill Buckner’s error that ended the 1986 World Series fits this description.  I wonder if he ever hears the end of it from his peers.


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